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it is difficult to keep a group of dentists or clinicians awake and completely glued to a presentation. But Dr. Blaes Can do it!

                                             Jonn Smith, DDS, FAACD

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Dr. Joe Blaes created a unique, insurance-free, fee-for-service general practice in St. Louis, Missouri, that emphasizes preventive, esthetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry.   His lectures and hands-on programs for Dentists, Dental Assistants and Hygienists have won rave reviews around the country.  In addition to memberships in many professional organizations, Dr. Blaes is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, a past President of the American Academy of Dental Practice Administration and a Founding Member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.  His honors include St. Louis University’s coveted Alumni Merit Award and the AGD Missouri Dentist of the Year Award 2007.  You can reach Dr. Joe Blaes at email:  [email protected] & 636-343-6808


Most popular full day presentation title:
Great Products, Techniques, and Strategies for Your Practice
By Dr. Joe Blaes
Course Description:
Dr. Blaes is passionate about teaching dentists all over the country to understand the patient’s wants before addressing their needs. Discovering the patient’s concerns at the start of the appointment helps to create the treatment plan with them rather than for them. The key is to develop a TRUST relationship.
I invite you to learn to visualize the clinical possibilities as you look at your patients. I will share my case histories, see the finished cases that were amazing, rather than just good.
Learn Clinical procedures from start to finish, highlighting the best products, materials and techniques that enable you to produce high quality dentistry in the least amount of time, at a low level of stress. I will demonstrate many ways that clinical dentistry can be enhanced, upgraded, simplified and done quicker and made more fun for the entire dental team.  Great products, techniques, and strategies for your practice including hands-on demos of more than 15 great products.
Course Objectives:
Commit to finding Oral Cancer in its earliest stages.
Learn the importance of Systems, Modeling and Mentoring.
Establish a non-scheduled operatory for Do It Now Dentistry.
Learn how to Attract and Keep patients.
Commit to building a TEAM and learning to communicate.
Welcome new patients with an interview not a clipboard.
Learn how to detect carious lesions.
Placing and polishing great composite restorations.
Increase case acceptance by showing them how to afford it.
Give your patients a WOW experience.
Tooth preparation - first you must be able to see the tooth.
Atraumatic tooth extraction and crown removal.
Bone grafts at time of extraction.
Powerful Air Driven and Electric handpieces.
Best Diamonds and Burs, Best Build Up materials.
Best Biometric Pulpal healing and protection. Best Endo instruments.
Protect gingival tissue from trauma while prepping results in no blood.
Getting the best impression every time; Virtual impressions.
Best bonding agents and cements for new restorative materials.
Learn to place Esthetic Provisionals faster, better and easier.

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